Hello! I’m Alex

I am a Thai and German multidisciplinary designer and photographer, currently working remotely for various clients whilst exploring the world. I write about my experience on my blog:



Photograpy work
Things I love working on
My process
The way I like to do things
  • Observe & understand
    I like to observe people and ask the right questions to better understand and hence design for user needs
  • Ideate & find solutions
    Connecting the dots and thinking laterally is one of my key strengths to generate ideas and solutions
  • Experiment & prototype
    Rapid experimentation and prototyping is one of my favorite tools to validate and communicate ideas
  • Get feedback & improve
    I involve clients und users as much as possible in my process to get feedback for improvements
Companies I enjoy working with
  • Science and Medical
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Social
What I believe in
  1. Create value for others
  2. Humanity first, technology second
  3. Find joy in the everyday
  4. Change is inevitable
  5. Make things better
  6. I don’t work, I create
  7. Tell a story
  8. Diversity in disciplines
Press & Awards
Mentions in the press
Exhibitions & Events
My work in public
Get in touch
If you want to hire or work with me, I am always happy to get my hands dirty with exciting new projects. Just drop me a line and I will get back to you.