Hello! I’m Alex

Be it a business, apps, websites or digital products, all of them deserve great design crafted with care, attention and a deep understanding of their users. It’s hard to find designers who, in addition to this, also excel at understanding you and your needs, are willing to ask hard questions and come up with solutions that you haven’t even thought about before. Give it a try and talk to me.  

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Photograpy work
Things I love working on
My process
The way I like to do things
  • Observe & understand
    I like to observe people and ask the right questions to better understand and hence design for user needs
  • Ideate & find solutions
    Connecting the dots and thinking laterally is one of my key strengths to generate ideas and solutions
  • Experiment & prototype
    Rapid experimentation and prototyping is one of my favorite tools to validate and communicate ideas
  • Get feedback & improve
    I involve clients und users as much as possible in my process to get feedback for improvements
Businesses I enjoy working with
  • Science and Medical
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Social
What I believe in
  1. Create value for others
  2. Humanity first, technology second
  3. Find joy in the everyday
  4. Change is inevitable
  5. Make things better
  6. I don’t work, I create
  7. Tell a story
  8. Diversity in disciplines
Press & Awards
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My work in public
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If you want to hire or work with me, I am always happy to get my hands dirty with exciting new projects. Just drop me a line and I will get back to you.