How to write a good design brief that will wow any designer
How to write a good design brief that will wow any designer
How to write a good design brief that will wow any designer


I started my journey conducting my own DIY experiments and interviewing scientists at institutions like the Diamond Light Source, CERN, and John Innes Centre Genetics Research Lab in Norwich to gain a better understanding of the current state of science see these experiments up close. 

Cost and know-how turned out to be the main factors limiting access to the right tools and thus the means to conducting your own experiments at home.

It was at the DIY Biology Club, a part of the London hackspace, when a solution presented itself. Here anyone could learn about and experiment with DNA and Synthetic Biology using improvised tools made from general household materials, following structured open-sourced materials. But for most people making their own equipment presents another roadblock. Kitchen appliances turned out to be the closest thing normal people would have to scientific instruments, which sparked the question:

“What if I were to design appliance that could easily be turned into scientific instruments?”

The main glass container of the Coffee Maker being made by a traditional scientific glass blower


As prototypes, Domestic Science Machines envision a scenario where scientifc experiments and scientifc exploration are made more accessible to the general public, by placing the right tools into people’s homes.  These machines are home appliances that can be easily transformed into scientific instruments and be paired with a comprehensive open-sourced knowledge base aimed at beginners. The hope is that, when people are given the right tools and knowledge, they are more more prepared to to discovery something new in their seemingly ordinary surroundings.

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