Refreshing the identity of an established IT company
Corporate Identity
Netzlink Identity
  • DATE 2017
Corporate Identity
Netzlink Identity

Netzlink is an established IT-Solutions company headquartered in Braunschweig with a network of suppliers and clients across Germany. After nearly 15 years of business, it was time to refresh their brand identity. I was tasked with building onto their existing logo to create a modern, bold identity that fits the digital age. As well as the CI, I was asked to design a clean and exciting layout of their quarterly Magazine ‘Vernetzt’.


Building on the existing brand

Unlike other projects where I had the freedom to create a new logo or brand, I was asked to take the existing logo and build on it. Netzlink already had a strong brand so it was crucial to further develop this identity rather than replacing it.


New fonts, icons and treatments

One of the best ways to modernize a brand is to introduce modern fonts, bold colors, and eye-catching icons, so I updated the entire platform with this in mind.


Duotone image treatment

To modernize the look of the platform, I replaced conventional stock images with lifestyle imagery, and treated background images with a duotone color process to make them instantly recognizable.


Clean but bold elements

Infographics are a great way to present information in an engaging way, and rather than being shy with color, we embraced strong reds and dark blues to highlight important information while maintaining a clean and minimal design.


A modern and clean layout

Great layouts were key in designing an engaging brochure, and I created a clear hierarchy and introduced a consistent use of fonts, colors and icons.


Magazines that stand out

As part of the redesign, I developed a magazine template that was fresh, engaging, and easy to read, maintaining the bold colors and graphics of the new look to keep a consistent identity across mediums. 

"Your designs moved our brand identity twenty years forward in time" - Employee at Netzlink
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